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African Adventure Safaris

 African adventure safaris are a great experience.


 Many people want to go on African adventure safaris because Africa is the continent of the most diverse and extensive wildlife resources on earth. African adventure safaris in these pristine environments are an adventure that will never be forgotten. You can explore fascinating deserts, wetlands, savannahs, game reserves and river deltas packed with wildlife

African adventure safaris are very popular and thatís why tourism infrastructure has developed well. You can choose to stay in luxurious hotels, charming lodges or beautifully positioned camps where bungalows and huts of different quality standards are for rent. Most of these camps also have a camping ground for the real adventurer.

You can choose to do African adventure safaris on your own or you can go on guided tours. When travelling alone itís useful to keep up to date with the local news so you know about potential ďhot-spotsĒ. Be aware of the fact that driving in Africa can often be a pretty adventurous undertaking. Roads are often poorly maintained and itís not unusual to come across large domestic animals such as sheep and cattle. So stay alert, use your seat belts and avoid travelling at night..



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