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African Safari Experience

Safety first on your African safari experience.


Many people are intrigued by the fascinating continent of Africa and dream about an African Safari Experience. To make this dream come true, it's advised to be alert and careful all the time to avoid this dream turning into a nightmare. All reserves have a set of rules you need to follow to ensure your safety. Many of the animals you'll come across on your African safari experience are dangerous, especially lions, hippos, elephants and buffalos. So stay in your car and keep a safe distance.

If you African safari experience takes place in a malaria area, you'll need to take the following precautions: Apply insect repellent on exposed skin. Wear long sleeved clothing and long pants. Take malaria tablets recommended for the region you're travelling to. If you get flu-like symptoms during or within 6 weeks after your viist to a malaria area, seek a doctor's advice.

Africa has its fair share of poisonous snakes and if you plan on doing any walking during your African safari experience, wear boots, socks and long trousers as a precautionary measure, and always look where you're going. Snakes are rarely encountered but it's best to be careful and alert.


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