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African Safari Wildlife

African safari wildlife will leave an unforgettable impression.


When people go on an African safari, wildlife is the most important factor on their adventurous trip. Of course, the magnificent landscapes and fascinating people are important too, but everybody agrees that an African safari without wildlife isn't a real safari. Fortunately it's almost impossible to not see any animals in Africa, because the continent is host to the most diverse and extensive wildlife resources on earth.

African safari wildlife ranges from mountain gorillas living in misty mountain forests, to grey elephants in the savannah, to the chase of predators and prey in the grasslands. It's not unusual to see lions, hippos, rhinos and buffaloes all in one day. Especially around lakes and rivers wildlife and lots of birds and butterflies congregate.

When going on an African safari, wildlife is best seen on a guided tour. Your chances of encountering a lot of animals are maximal then. When traveling alone it's recommended to keep up to date with the local news so you know about potential hot spots.



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