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Botswana  Adventure Safari

 A Botswana  adventure safari is an unforgettable experience.


 One of Africa’s most beautiful deserts is the well known Kalahari Desert, which is situated in Botswana. Adventure safari tours to this land locked country are very popular and spectacular. Major destinations for a Botswana adventure safari are the Okavango Delta, the Tsodilo Hills, the Chobe and the Savuti Game reserves.

Other important locations in Botswana for adventure safari are the  Moremi Wildlife Reserve (5300 sq km), the Mikaelelo and the Kazuma Forest Reserves. In adition you have the Gemsbok National Park, which is situated in the Kgalagadi District, on an altitude of 1200 m. It has a surface of 960,000 hectares, with a unique wildlife.

In the center of the country lies the Kalahari Game reserve. North of this Reserve is the Makgadikgadi Pans Game Reserve. Some of the animals you’ll be able to spot on your Botswana adventure safari are the steenbok, springbok, impala, lion, but also many birds like vultures, owls, eagles and bustards. More information on the mentioned websites.



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