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Gorilla safaris are both a privilege and an amazing adventure.


 Gorilla safaris are an exhilarating adventure. Looking into the soft brown eyes of a gorilla in its natural habitat is a once in a lifetime experience. The mountain gorilla is the rarest of all apes. There are only about 600 left in Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC. Only a few have been habituated to human visit. Gorilla safaris are truly a privilege.

When going on gorilla safaris you should be prepared to hike through some rugged country: steep hills, thorny trees and tangled vines. But it's all worthwhile  when you see a baby ape up a tree, a female munching on a branch or a silverback pounding his chest. Ape tracking is only allowed with a permit, and this permit doesn't guarantee a sighting, so be aware of this. The gorillas are free to go where they want.

Gorilla safaris can be made in two of Uganda's National Parks: Mgahinga and Bwindi. You can also track gorillas in the Virunga Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The permits should be obtained in advance. These allow one hour audience with the magnificent gorillas, because overexposure to humans is harmful to them.


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