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About Kenya wildlife safaris.


 Some of the first adventure travel tours in Africa were Kenya safaris. The word "safari" itself comes from the Kiswahili language which is spoken in this part of the continent. For decades now adventurous people have been going to Kenya for safaris to visit its almost endless variety of ecosystems and animal habitats.

This country, being a world of natural wonders has a lot to offer to people who  want to feel a close connection with nature in its most pristine state. Kenya safaris take you to its abundant birdlife, the breath taking migratory herds in its vast plains, its pulsating rainforests and its wonderful Indian Ocean beaches.

The country has 59 national parks and game reserves. It is home to the black rhino, the sea turtle, the Grevy's zebra, the sitatunga and the wild dog. This is just a small number of fascinating destinations Kenya safaris will take you to: Lake Bogoria, Lake Naivasha, Lake Victoria, Mount Meru, Samburu, Shaba and Tsavo.


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