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Kenya Wildlife Safaris

Kenya wildlife safaris in a world of natural wonders.


 The word "safari" was invented in Kenya where in Kiswahili it means "journey". Kenya wildlife safaris are famous for the country's boundless wilderness  and big game and has long attracted adventure seekers from all over the globe. Kenya wildlife safaris will introduce you to the home of an endless array of ecosystems, the staging ground for natural cycles of life, death and regeneration as old as this planet itself.

Because this great range of natural habitats there is plenty to explore on Kenya wildlife safaris, and plenty of species will be encountered. It's a world of natural wonders, ranging from great migratory herds in the open savannah, to an incredible abundance of birdlife, from the depths of a rainforest to the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Kenya wildlife safaris can be made in 59 national parks and game reserves. There are 42 timeless cultures and many villages unchanged by the modern world. You can learn about endangered wildlife such as the black rhino, sea turtles, Grevy's zebra, sitatunga and wild dog.



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