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A safari to Africa is an unforgettable experience.


 The  word “Safari” simply means “journey” in Kiswahili, but in English it has become a synonym for wildlife viewing in Africa. Africa has a lot of beautiful nature reserves rich in wildlife, and many people want to experience an unforgettable adventure in these magnificent surroundings. That’s why tourism infrastructure has developed well and you can choose between luxurious hotels, charming lodges or beautifully positioned camps where bungalows and huts of different quality standards are for rent. Most of these  safari camps also have a camping ground. 

When you’re planning a safari in the bush, you can expect a splendid savannah grassland, woodland and scrubland, home of the ultimate big game. A trip to a river guarantees you to see a vast variety of birds and wildlife., as well as a lakeside that attracts flamingos and is frequently visited by hippos, buffalo herds, elephants and so on. Rainforests are packed with primates and are a haven for birds, butterflies and beasts of  all sizes. 

When you’re on a safari in a malaria-sensitive area, you can minimize mosquito bites by wearing light, long sleeved clothing and using effective insect repellents on exposed skin. Currently there are three effective anti-malaria tablets but you can experience some sides-effects from one of them, so test before you depart.




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