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What makes Safari Hats so special?


 Safari hats are actually a type of Fedora hats.If you flip the back of the brim up, you get a Fedora hat. In other words: safari hats are just Fedora hats with the brim turned down. This style became so popular that manufacturers began to make these hats specifically with the whole brim turned down.

Safari hats are available in an array of crown blocks and brim lengths. Generally they have a center dent crown, or a tear drop crown. They usually have a brim length between 2 1/2 " an 3", and are available in fur felt, wool felt, straw, leather and canvas. You can find them in different styles.

Safari hats are very useful when you're on an African safari to protect you from the sun or keep the rain off your face. They also protect your head from the branches while stalking. Neutral colors like khaki, green or olive are the best when going on safari.


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