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 When you look for a safari park on the internet you’ll see that not  can be found in Africa , but that there are also a number of  them in Europe and North America. Typical for a safari park in these parts of the world is that they not only give information on the animals you can find there, but that they also organize many activities for schools.

A typical European or North American safari park is often located in beautiful natural areas, in forests, near lakes or riversides. They  generally offer an exciting  tour in your car from which you can see wild animals like lions, bears, wolves, tigers, buffalo, zebras, elephants, monkeys, and rhinos.

Often the safari park  is committed to  the conservation of endangered species like elephants, tigers, wolves and bears. Many of them are involved in international breeding programs. Some have a shared adoption program for a number of their animals. Many sell gifts and educational kits. 



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