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Safari South Africa

A safari  to South Africa is one of the best options.


 If you're going on a safari, South Africa should be your choice. This great country offers you a wide choice off amazing experiences, from verdant beach forests to the isolation of the desert. . A great infrastructure, splendid landscapes and a stable post apartheid environment all ensure that your safari to South Africa will be successful. 

To be comfortable on your safari to South Africa it's advised to do some thinking about your clothing. Clothing should be layered and of a neutral color. Khaki, green or olive drab are the best colors to wear. Good boots or walking shoes are very important, make sure they are well worn. You should bring a warm jacket for the cold mornings and  a hat for protection against the sun.

In the evening of your safari, the South Africa camps are very informal. As it gets cool, a sweat suit or jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt are good choices. As night falls, you can enjoy the millions of stars that seem so close, you could pluck the from the sky.



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