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Tanzania camping safaris as the ultimate experience.


Many people want to visit Tanzania, and camping safaris are the ultimate way to truly experience the African Bush. After the exciting and fascinating day of game viewing, you go to a campsite where another adventure begins. Maybe there are curious baboons inspecting your tent while all around you the sky is emblazoned with the brilliant colors that make African sunsets so famous. Tanzania camping safaris give you the chance to spend the nights with just a piece of cloth between you and the African night, while a choir of nocturnal birds, insects and distant roaring lions lullabies you to sleep.

Tanzania camping safaris can range from a budget where you are expected to pitch your own tent and help with the cooking to the luxurious, private campsites with walk-in canvas tents with cots, waiters and shower and toilet facilities. Most people choose a full service camping safari where regular park campsites and facilities are used and a driver/guide and cook do the camp chores.

The best time to go on Tanzania camping safaris is between December and March, with February as the top month. At this time the short grass of the southern Serengeti Plains is packed with masses of migratory herds. The land is also verdant with meadows of wildflowers, the dust is minimal and there aren't many vehicles in the parks at this time.



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